Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge

Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge

We challenge you to take part in the 1st Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge, which will be held on October 4th at the Haileybury beach & pavilion.  There are several ways to participate in this community fundraising activity.  Please challenge your friends, families and co-workers.

The Haileybury Great Fire of 1922

Pioneer Spirit Sculpture by Ernie Fauvelle in commemoration of the Haileybury Great Fire of 1922. A reminder for this Haileybury's Great Fire Challenge.

Pioneer Spirit Sculpture by Ernie Fauvelle

The community event and fundraiser will commemorate the survivors of the Great Fire, the thousands of people who spent 5 hours in Lake Temiskaming waiting for the fire to pass through and whom had the difficult task of rebuilding the community and the region. The Great Fire is still considered one of the ten worst natural disasters in Canadian history. The fire destroyed over 90% of the town, killing 11 residents, and leaving 3500 people homeless. The evening will enable our children and the community at large to learn about this tragedy and its courageous survivors.

Supporting A Local Cause

The Great Fire of 1922 bookThe revenues from the Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge will go towards the Haileybury Heritage Museum for the reprinting of the Great Fire of 1922 book, which tells the story of many of these survivors. The book has been out of print for many years. The objective is to raise $8000 towards this cause. The museum will provide a receipt for tax purposes for any donation of $25 or more.

We Challenge You To Participate In The 1st Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge In One Of These Three Ways

1 – Take the dip

We encourage individuals, families and organizations to join us on Tuesday, October 4th at 5:45pm to be in the water for 5 minutes.  We encourage participants to wear clothing of the 1922 era.  You can also bring a blanket to cover your heads from the flying ashes. A prize will be awarded for the best-dressed participant.

Please challenge your friends, families and co-workers to participate with you.

Registration costs are:              $10/individual            $25/family           $100/organization

People can register on-line by clicking here. People will also be able to register before the dip, on site at the pavilion, between 5 – 5:30pm.

The dip will take place at the Haileybury beach at 5:45pm sharp. You will be able to warm up beside the bonfire and change in the Pavilion’s public washrooms.

2 – Participate in the Evening Under the Pavilion

Robyn Dewar a Destination Temiskaming Blog collaborator / Une collaboratrice du blogue Destination Temiskaming

Robyn Dewar, singer-songwriter

We hope that many community members will be on site 5:45pm to cheer on the participants. At 6pm, an evening of music and story telling will take place under the Pavilion, and this until 7:30pm. Robyn Dewar a local singer/songwriter will be entertaining us and we will have an open mic period for people to share their stories about the Great Fire. Hot beverages will be available. People will be encouraged during the evening to make a donation towards the fundraising cause or light a candle in memory of a Great fire survivor.

3 – Donate On-line to the Fundraising Cause

We encourage the community at large and families of the survivors to give on-line by clicking here to support the cause of raising $8000 for the reprint of the Great Fire of 1922 book which is currently out of print. Please spread the word and challenge your friends and families to make a donation.

A Good Reason to Try Out One of Our Local Restaurants

People are welcome to try out, before or after the event, two of our local Haileybury restaurants, which prepared a Great Fire dinner special for the occasion.

Kingsway Restaurant
Come & meet Micheal, the new owner/chef

R.U. Hungries
Great Fire Combo $5.99 (2 slices of pizza, 1 salad, 1 soft drink of your choice)

Haileybury Heritage Museum Logo


We are hoping that the 1st Haileybury’s Great Fire Challenge will be success

and that it will become an annual event for our community.


Presidents Suites Logo transparent

This community fundraising activity is organized by the President’s Suites in Haileybury. The President’s Suites have a strong link with the history of the region and the owners, Nicole & Jocelyn hope that this fundraising activity will help in making people aware of a key historical event which deeply influenced this community. On a personal matter, Nicole’s grandmother spent 5 hours in the Lake with all the others survivors as she was attending the convent at the time of the fire.

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