Anniversaries, Family, Friends Reunions

Anniversaries, Family, Friends Reunions

The Presidents’ Suites is the ideal venue for anniversaries, family, friends reunions and gatherings.  Depending on the number of people in your group, we will match you with the house that will better meet your needs so that your stay becomes a memorable experience for your entire group.

The Villa’s front veranda is really part of the attraction of this historical home with its great views on lake Temiskaming. Great place to have your breakfast and tables can even be set up for a dinner with family or friends. / La véranda avant de la Villa est une partie importante de l'attrait de cette maison historique avec sa vue magnifique sur le lac Témiskaming. Super endroit pour prendre votre petit-déjeuner, des tables peuvent même être mises en place pour un dîner en famille ou entre amis.

Our historical homes are Perfect for your group reunions

You are planning for a stay between friends for 6 to 10 people or for an anniversary or family reunion with a group of up to 50 people, we can accommodate you and really provide with a memorable experience. Each of our historical home is of a different size and offers a different experience. They are all in proximity of each other in Haileybury.

Families are often using the Presidents’ Suites for their parents wedding or birthday anniversaries, to commemorate a special event, or simply to reunite the family.  Friends also gather at the Presidents’ Suites to celebrate a birthdays, to reunite after a long period of time or to participate as a group in a local event such as the Biker’s Reunion, the Foire Gourmande, the Village Noel or any of the numerous major festivals taking place in the Temiskaming region.

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President' Suites group activitiesPeople often decide to organize a reunion or a gathering at the President’s Suites as we are able to offer them a unique alternative for their event with different potential activities. A stay with us is an experience where each can enjoy luxurious accommodations while participating in activities, appreciating a good meal, relaxing in the exterior spa or simply using any other commodities available such as our kayaks, outdoor games, bicycles and more. Everyone can also find his or her own place for an intimate and quiet moment. Even youths and teenagers will find their own place and enjoy their stay.

Group activity under a tent at the Presidents' Suites Villa. Great for anniversaries, family, friends reunions. / Activité de groupe sous la tente aux Suites des Présidents. Idéal pour les anniversaires, réunions de famille et d'amis

Group activity under a tent at the Presidents’ Suites Villa

Why stop yourselves from meeting just because your house is not big enough to accommodate all the family, or because the hosting responsibility is always given to the same person? By using the Presidents’ Suites, everyone is now on ‘neutral ground’ and can participate in having a memorable gathering. The complete kitchens are great for meal preparation. Dishes and all necessary accessories are available for cooking and serving your meals. Barbecues are available and access to the gardens and the picnic tables are great for eating outside. We have tents that can be set up on the large properties.

Proximity to the waterfront, golf courses, jogging trails and several other cultural, historical and touristic attractions make it easy to plan activities during your stay. An historical treasure hunt is also an activity that we offer for your group. A visit to our private Farr Island is always a special treat for the groups. The island is often used as a day destination for the Presidents’ Guests for anniversaries, family, friends reunions.

Nicole will help you plan your event. Find out how the President’s Suites can be an ideal venue for your group and how to find activities that will spice up your gathering.

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