Historical Characters

Historical Characters

Our historical activities are all about history and culture, and colourful historical characters.  There is simply so much history and culture in Haileybury, Cobalt and the entire Temiskaming region that we can use real historical characters in all of our historical evenings and scavenger hunts.  It is a lot a fun as people can actually research the historical characters on the web and learn at the same time about our rich history.

Our Historical Characters

Over the years, we have developed over 60 historical characters that we used at our events.  For some events, characters are regrouped  based on a common denominator.  The list below will give you a brief introduction of a few of them.


Real historical characters in our re-enactment activities / De vraie personnages historiques lors de nos activités

Participants in the role of real historical characters

Our historical events with real historical characters are a great way to spend fun time with your group or family. Believe us, it works every time! We have done it for groups from 8 to 60 people. These  historical activities are available to our Presidents’ Suites guests. It is part of having a memorable stay in our beautiful Temiskaming region.