Temiskaming Vacation Rental Opportunity

Temiskaming Vacation Rental Opportunity

You might be interested  in a vacation rental opportunity in beautiful Temiskaming region!  We are looking for entrepreneurs that would be interested in taking upon this interesting challenge.

We are launching a new chapter for the Presidents’ Suites. In order for us to continue to our next projects (fully develop the Cafe Meteor Bistro, develop Farr Island…), we are now looking for entrepreneurs looking to invest in vacation rental properties and continue what we began over 10 years ago with our historical homes.  We will be selling some of our historical properties located in Haileybury (Temiskaming Shores) and just a few minutes from Cobalt.

We would like to further develop with other collaborators the Presidents’ Suites banner which has earned a great reputation in the vacation rental industry.

The Temiskaming region has so much to offer that we truly believe that together we can continue to promote the real potential of this beautiful region.

The Little Crooked House For Sale, a Vacation Rental Opportunity

The ‘little crooked house’ might interest you!  Take a look at this short video for more images and information.

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