Cultural Heritage Explorer

Are you a cultural heritage explorer?  Our beautiful lake Temiskaming region has a rich history that has shaped the way we live today in Ontario and Canada.  The region also has  numerous sites, routes, events, tours and services that will make your cultural & heritage trip memorable.

Cultural heritage tourism embraces the full range of experiences visitors can undertake to learn what makes a destination distinctive – its lifestyle, its heritage, its arts, its people.  Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources.

By immersing in the local culture,  the traveller is able to  fully get an understanding of the region.  Most cultural travellers want to enrich their lives with new travel experiences.  They seek constant opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse themselves in the entire experience of the culture, people, and settings of the places they visit.

Cultural tourism includes performing arts (theatre, dance, music), visual arts and crafts, festivals, museums and cultural centres, and historic sites and interpretive centres.

Heritage tourism is travel directed toward experiencing the heritage of a community or region.  This travel enables the treaveller to learn about, and be surrounded by, local customs, traditions, history and culture.

How do you know if you are a cultural heritage explorer?

You are likely to avoid mainstream ‘touristy’ locations and are not intimated by unfamiliar locations,
You are willing to “live” a different culture and willing to take a few ‘risks’
You are more interested in deep, meaningful experiences than seeing all of the “must-see” attractions
Seek fun and excitement, and are attracted to crowds and social events
Place little importance on brand names, research local products and are more ecologically and ethically aware.
What to look for when planning a cultural & heritage trip

Culture and Heritage Sites

Art Galleries and Exhibitions
Interpretive centres
Museums & Theatres
Historic sites
Aboriginal and cultural centres
Outdoor public art and sculpture
Community fairs, local markets
Music/theatre/film festivals/historic re-enactments
Street entertainment
Cultural/Heritage Tours

Scenic/historic walking trails & driving route
Cultural tours: First Nations and other cultures
Farm, wine and brewery tours
Guided archaeology hikes
Cultural or Heritage Landscapes

Parks, trails, and lookouts with interpretation
Monuments and historic markers
Gardens and landscapes, rural scenery
Local Products/Services

Local, authentic arts and crafts
Artisan food and wine
Heritage-inspired, hand-crafted souvenirs
Demonstrations, including Aboriginal art/crafts
Antiques, collectables
Other visitor services
What happens when you choose a cultural & heritage type of travel.

First, you are allowing yourself to step out of the box.  Travellers say that trips with heritage activities are more memorable than trips without them, because they learn something concrete and new. Heritage tourism provides a whole new angle to traveling and can make an experience both fun and educational.  Relaxing at the beach is nice, but think how many more stories there are to tell when there is content and substance involved in a trip.
Visiting cultural & heritage sites creates jobs in local organizations while simultaneously promoting community pride through the opportunities locals have to work together to improve cultural development.  It helps to spread the word around that there are interesting places to visit beyond the most common ‘touristy’ destinations.
Before your trip, read up on the history of the region.

If you are a cultural heritage explorer, before you travel, research the culture and history of the region you are about to discover this will help you define your main points of interest. These may have displays or artifacts especially relevant to your family’s interest or even story. Some museums and historic sites even offer living history or interactive experiences that more fully immerse you in the past.

Cultural Heritage Trip

Cultural Heritage Trip

Are you planning a cultural heritage trip?  Our beautiful lake Temiskaming region has a rich history that has shaped the way we live today in Ontario and Canada.  The region…