The Ferland Suite

The Ferland Suite

The largest (1,350 sq ft) of the suites located at the Villa, the Ferland Suite is located on the main floor and offers an elegant 29ft long living room, two large bedrooms with queen size beds, a four season solarium with a pull-down double size bed, a dining room, a work desk, and a roomy fully furnished ‘homestead style’ gourmet kitchen. Another pull down double bed is also available in the largest bedroom. Imagine all the modern facilities in a century old setting!

More About the Ferland Suite

Access to the picture-perfect garden, the private patio and the lakeview front veranda also makes it ideal for events requiring an outdoor atmosphere. Enjoy the exterior hot tub and the beautiful property. The large property offers a large parking, gardens, and century old trees therefore providing something for everyone from ample space for groups to quiet private areas for relaxing. You can also enjoy our waterfront property and our private dock located just in front of the house.

The Ferland suite is ideal for your receptions. It has been used on several occasions for cocktails, formal dinners, workshops, or simple gatherings with family & friends. Some guests even decide to use this suite to meet their own clients.



A Few Pictures of the Ferland Suite

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