vacation rental homes

Our vacation rental homes are what the Presidents’ Suites are all about.  It is through our historical homes that we can transmit our passion to everyone one of our guests.  Our mission is to create for them a truly memorable experience  in the Temiskaming region.

Our vacation rental homes are the perfect destination in Ontario & the Temiskaming region for your vacation home rental, family reunion, friends gathering, destination wedding, work trip, corporate meeting and retreat.

We have several historical homes and a private Farr Island on Lake Temiskaming where we can now offer a glamping experience for the entire family.

Here is a listing of our homes all located in Haileybury;

The Villa with the Ferland and Murphy.
The Villa was constructed by Arthur Ferland in 1906 right at the start of the Cobalt silver rush.  Arthur Ferland was the owner of the Matabanick hotel and had shares in several Cobalt mines.

The Prospector’s House won a national decor award in 2014.  The home was developed around the theme of famous Cobalt prospectors.

The Lumber Baron’s House also won a national decor award in 2015.  The historical home also built in 1906 during the Cobalt Silver Rush, was developed around the theme of famous lumber baron’s that made their fortune with the lumber around Lake Temiskaming.

The Ferland Suite and the Lumber Baron’s house  are  fully accessible for people with reduced mobility.

The Villa

The Villa

The Villa was our first vacation rental home.  This large 4000 sq ft historical home build in 1906 home is divided into three distinct floors with the last two floors…

Temiskaming Vacation Rentals

Choosing Temiskaming vacation rentals is just a better way to stay!  Experiencing the authenticity of our historical homes, the friendliness of each owner and discovering the beauty of the region are just more reasons why you should choose to stay in a vacation rental home in our beautiful lake Temiskaming region.… Read more