Business Stay Meeting Event

Business Stay Meeting Event

The Presidents’ Suites is the perfect setting for your business stay meeting event.

 The ideal corporate venue for your retreat, get-together and celebration in beautiful lake Temiskaming region.  We are a bit outside of the usual way of doing things so companies & groups sometime hesitate to book with us, but once they do and experience what we can offer them, they get hooked and come back.


Discover our luxurious historical home on the shores of lake Temiskaming for your corporate stay, meeting, retreat. The Presidents’ Suites are exceptional suites in Haileybury)Temiskaming Shores) alive with a truly human warmth.

Presidents' Suites Villa in Haileybury - a location for your corporate stay, meeting, retreat

Presidents’ Suites Villa

Our modern accommodations ensure that your stay with us will be truly memorable. Groups experience a different social interaction which seems particularly conducive to productive, meetings.

Why Choose Us For Your Business Stay Meeting Event

  • We can meet your needs whether you are staying by yourself, looking to meet with clients, looking to organize a meeting or retreat or to celebrate with employees and colleagues
  • An original concept that will motivate your team
  • Luxurious accommodations that focus on the rich history and art of the region
  • Unique opportunities for your team building activities

Our suites are located in historic Haileybury by beautiful lake Temiskaming. The President’s Suites can offer a high-end solution at a reasonable price that will make a difference for your business or organization.  The perfect location for your corporate stay, meeting, retreat.

Team Meeting, Strategic Planning, Retreat, Get-together & Celebration

team meeting Murphy Suite - corporate stay, meeting, retreat

Team meeting at the Murphy Suite

The Presidents’ Suites could be that special place you’ve been wanting to find for your next meeting, planning session or retreat. A venue that is different, inspiring and unique so that your stay is truly memorable! What we are offering is a place to stay, eat, meet and relax together.

Are you looking for a new idea and a different place to celebrate with your team, to celebrate an achievement, to have your Christmas get-together or simply to thank your employees for a job well done? The Presidents’ Suites offer different options where your group can get together and celebrate. You team members will appreciate, remember and thank you for a long time.

We offer an original concept that will motivate your team for your corporate stay, meeting, retreat. Our luxurious accommodations focus on the rich history and art of the region. We can offer you different options depending on your needs and the number of participants. We can accommodate groups of up to 12 people for meetings and accommodation, and even a few more if you want to invite other people or clients for a dinner or a reception.

For your meals and snacks you can bring your own and use our fully furnished kitchens or arrange for catering.

Our Meeting Locations for your Business Stay Meeting Event

Our suites are equipped with high-speed fibre-optic wireless internet.  We also have a projector with screen, flip chart board, and more….

The Villa

  • Meeting rooms in either Ferland or Murphy suites  for groups up to 12
  • Great views of the lake from the three patios
  • Separate areas for the meetings and meals
Business meeting on Farr Island

Business meeting on Farr Island

Private Farr Island

  • Meeting area under our large tent for groups up to 20
  • Kitchen available to offer snacks, wine & cheese or a BBQ
  • Several ideas for team-building activities on the 5-acre island
  • Accessible by pontoon (10 minutes away)

We also have other options for larger groups.

Haileybury golf club club house with large patio overlooking lake Temiskaming

Haileybury golf club club house with large patio overlooking lake Temiskaming

For groups of 15 to 35, we can work with other local venues that are within walking distance of the Presidents’ Suites in Haileybury

    • Historic Haileybury golf course which offers a club house with a large patio overlooking lake Temiskaming, a meeting hall and a commercial kitchen
    • * St-Paul’S church in Haileybury have a newly constructed hall that can be used for meetings and activities.  It is linked with a commercial kitchen
    • * Haileybury curling club has a meeting hall also linked with a commercial kitchen
    • * Haileybury waterfront pavilion is also great for a covered outdoor meeting or activity.



The following sections can be expanded to learn more about possible executive stays and worker lodging.


Book your next business stay meeting event or get-together at the Presidents’ Suites
and enjoy first-class amenities in a truly different setting.

Contact Jocelyn directly to discuss your proposed activity
and she will be pleased to provide you with a quote and suggestions
to ensure your corporate stay is truly memorable.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

     Jocelyn at or call/text at (705)650-2099



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