Temiskaming Vacation Rentals

Choosing Temiskaming vacation rentals is just a better way to stay!  Experiencing the authenticity of our historical homes, the friendliness of each owner and discovering the beauty of the region are just more reasons why you should choose to stay in a vacation rental home in our beautiful lake Temiskaming region.

Escape the confines of a hotel and enjoy the freedom of a vacation rental.

The President’s Suites offers you high-end accommodation in historical homes based on the concept of vacation home rental and apartment style living rather than that of a hotel.  Our exceptional homes are alive with a truly human warmth.

It is Just A Better Way To Stay

Our vacation rentals are the perfect destination for your holidays or work stay and we can even we assist you in planning and organizing your family reunion, friends gathering, destination wedding, corporate meeting or retreat.  We will welcome you, we will offer you beautiful homes and we will help you discover our communities and beautiful lake Temiskaming region.

We are not a hotel or a bed & breakfast
  We are so much more
A destination like the Presidents’ Suites does not exist elsewhere 

The concept is unique
It is just a better way to stay! 

Our homes and suites include the site of a century-old inn located on the historical Millionaire’s row in Haileybury (Temiskaming Shores), situated on the shores of Lake Temiskaming. Other historical housing accommodations are also located close by and with great views of the lake. Haileybury is a picturesque community located in Ontario and on the border of the province of Quebec. We are only a few minutes from New Liskeard and Cobalt.

About Temiskaming Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental is the renting out of a suite or home on a temporary basis to tourists or business people as an alternative to a hotel.  Vacation rentals have long been a popular travel option in Europe but they are now becoming increasingly popular across the world and it is one of the most important travelling trends of the last few years.

Vacation rentals represent a product that people love and a solution that people need.  While travellers were initially hesitant to try vacation rentals, a movement has begun and we’re not talking about a fad.  Travellers are now looking for an authentic travelling experience and vacation rentals are part of this experience.

The Presidents’ Suites entered the Temiskaming Vacation Rentals fifteen years ago, before the AirBnB days.  We were truly innovators in this field and especially in a rural area.

The vacation home rental and apartment hotel concept makes it the perfect venue for your business travels, meetings, family, friend & group reunions, weddings or weekend holidays, or simply for a place to stay during a working period in the area. Each home and suite offers distinctly unique features. Depending on what you are looking for, tranquillity, atmosphere, or convenience, we will tailor your stay to suit your needs. It is similar to renting an all-furnished home and apartment and occupants can “check-out” whenever they wish either after a one-day, a few days or a one-week stay. The concept allows our clients to do everything they would at home, such as cooking, washing, relaxing and entertaining. We offer a free continental breakfast. We have meeting rooms in some of our homes to meet your business needs.

You are cordially invited to discover our historical homes and allow us to help you plan your next visit, either for a few people or a group of seventy, to our beautiful community on the shores of lake Temiskaming.

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