Wellness Healthy Living

Our new Destination Temiskaming blog has a section on wellness healthy living.  Life is our most valuable asset that we all too often take for granted. The blog section will provide interesting posts about wellness healthy living and local foods.  Agriculture is a major pillar of our local Temiskaming economy and several farmers are able to provide healthy local products to our population.

About the destination Temiskaming Blog

We believe that this region is unique, attractive, and deserves to be shares. The Destination Temiskaming Blog posts will feature special sites, hidden gems, artists, local products, unique people and interesting businesses. We hope to help locals and visitors appreciate what we have in our beautiful region.

The blog is divided into five categories:

Culture and history:
Difficult to find a region where culture and history is so prominent. Learn about the first nations, voyageurs, miners, lumber barons and today’s well-known artists and artisans.

Special people and places:
Every region has special people and unique places. Too often, their stories remain untold only known by a few. We would like to share their stories.

Nature and outdoors:
Discover our huge playground with miles of trails, endless lakes, rivers and forests, high cliffs and breathtaking scenery.

Events and festivals:
Learn about the events and festivals that reflect the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the region.

Wellness healthy living:
Life is our most valuable asset that we all too often take for granted. Here are interesting posts about wellness, healthy living and local foods.

We have several local collaborators who are devoting their time to share their knowledge and passion about this beautiful region through our Destination Temiskaming blog. We thank them for their devotion and for helping both locals and visitors discover the Temiskaming region and learn more about wellness and healthy living.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

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