Groups with Children

The ideal destination for groups with children with large vacation rental homes and tons of activities possible close to nature.  You might be looking for family reunions, family holidays, sporting groups, birthdays, surprises and are having a difficult time to find your ideal venue.  The Presidents’ Suites in beautiful Temiskaming region can help you plan the ideal trip for your group with children.

Let us help you take your travel plans to new heights. Let us show you how to make every family vacation a memorable one starting with our award winning vacation rental historical homes located in Temiskaming Shores.

There are plenty of places to go, things to do, and sights to see. Childhood is an amazing time when curious kids can make every little experience an epic undertaking. Here you will find the best family vacation ideas for groups with children where you can explore a beautiful region close to nature in a new and meaningful way.

We encourage you to see our region as a new destination with your family in mind, focusing on the interests of you and your children.  Does your family share common interests, like nature or geology?  Is one of your kids especially interested in plants and trees? Is your family an active, outdoorsy family, that would like to hike, bike, skate board or explore?  Mixing outdoor activities with the cultural aspects of our community is a wonderful combination.

Has your family been talking about an extended family vacation, taking the grandparents along too?  Often some of the most memorable moments for a family are tied to an “inter-generational” trip, with Grandpa and Grandma, parents and grandkids.  Do you have a toddler and a pre-teenager?  Lets find activities for them.

Traveling in the company of other families and kids can make a vacation special.  Best of all, parents can relax in the company of other parents, the kids are off with the group of kids. If you know of another family you’d like to travel with, it’s sure to be fun for all.

You want to stay closer to home and are looking for a unique family holiday destination in Northern Ontario? Depending on what your family is like and what you want to do on your trip, we can help you plan a memorable vacation in our beautiful Temiskaming region.  Customized your trip with our planner.  See our list of do-it-yourself free activities.  You can also add-on some other guided activities with locals.

For kids and parents alike, you’ll have time to relax and discover the joys of travel.

Learn more about everything you can do in our to-do top picks section.   Learn more about our beautiful lake Temiskaming region.