Wellness Travel

A wellness travel destination in Northern Ontario close to nature and the outdoors, venues in vacation rental homes and with quality wellness services available around us. Wellness travel allows the traveller to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and maintain or even increase one’s sense of wellbeing.

Chronic diseases are at an epidemic level, we are vacation-deprived, sleep-deprived, have no work-life balance, and are constantly being bombarded with information from our devices.  As people strive towards a healthy and positive lifestyle in their everyday lives, it’s only natural that wellness is filtering into vacation lives.

Wellness Travel Destination

Wellness travel is no longer associated with luxury spa holidays or experiences.  But not so much any more. Today the main pillars of Wellness Travel are healthy food options, fitness activities and nature.

As self-care has evolved into a daily goal, wellness travel is now taking many different forms.  Wellness travel is all about wellness goals, travel style, big adventure dreams. Wellness travel is an invitation to fully immerse in experiences that inspire to celebrate the moment and focus on connection with oneself, with the environment and with people around.  Wellness travel is a medicine that has incredible healing power with the ability to reinvigorate and transform.  It can serve to elevate or humble a person, to change a perspective and indulge the senses.

We believe that wellness is essential to a good and happy life.  At the Presidents’ Suites, we not only offer accommodations, but we have developed a unique place for wellness stays and retreats where you can truly escape our hectic lives for a few days and enjoy historical homes by Lake Temiskaming. Our homes are peaceful and as soon as you arrive you will know that your stay will be different. Our beautiful Temiskaming region has so much to offer and we will ensure that you find what you are looking for during your stay with us.

A Destination to Relax and reconnect with friends, the perfect girl’s getaway

Plan you stay to relax and reconnect with friends, the perfect girl’s getaway.   You can learn more about your wellness travel trip with friends here. We will ensure that we understand what you are looking for to tailor your stay with us.  We will ensure that you get this break from your daily and stressful routine.  Give yourself a chance to forget the outside world and come and live a few days in our historical homes by Lake Temiskaming. Your spa getaway at the Presidents’ Suites would be close to nature while enjoying a good meal, a bit of wine and time relaxing in the exterior hot tub.

A Destination to Design your own wellness retreat

You can also design and offer your own wellness retreat. You can learn more about designing your own wellness retreat here.  If you have been dreaming of organizing and leading your own retreat we can help you.  We have the perfect homes and we have the perfect natural setting.  Several wellness services are available in the community and several amenities can make it possible for your your retreat to become a reality.