Presidents Suites Activities

The rich history of the Temiskaming region is very important to us and we are trying to convey this history over to every one of our guests with our own Presidents Suites activities.  Our historical homes in Haileybury just beside Lake Temiskaming are our main product to convey our rich history to people visiting Temiskaming Shores and the Temiskaming region.  Our history is all about one lake, two provinces, three cultures.  It is all about the First Nations, the Voyageurs, the Cobalt silver rush.

We have developed our own Presidents Suites  activities that we offer to our guests.

Relive the boom years of Haileybury and Cobalt’s silver rush by participating in our historical evening, an exciting re-enactment activity.  Imagine spending an evening with the mine owners, the prospectors, the leaders of the time. Your group will just love it, guaranteed. Our historical evening is something unique that really doesn’t exist elsewhere.  We have also developed an historical scavenger hunt which brings people throughout Haileybury and Cobalt.

Our historical activities are all about history and culture, and colourful historical characters. There is simply so much history and culture in Haileybury, Cobalt and the entire Temiskaming region that we can use real historical characters in all of our historical evenings and scavenger hunts.

We have also developed a few of our historical games which are aimed at children but also appreciated by people of all ages.  We have our head frame memory game, our prospector’s guess who game and our prospector’s colouring book.

Historical Games

Historical Games

The rich history of the region is very important for the Presidents' Suites and we are trying to convey this history over to every one of our guests.  We have…