Stato’s Haunted Hustle, Why You Should Run or Walk

Stato’s Haunted Hustle, Why You Should Run or Walk

Stato’s Haunted Hustle, Why You Should Run or Walk this great themed event?  There are several reasons and here’s a few of them.

The Stato’s Haunted Hustle run and walk is a themed activity held at the end of October every year in Temiskaming Shores. People run /walk with their Halloween costumes. So much fun for the entire family! This year, the 7th edition will be held on October 30th , 2016.  Stato’s Haunted Hustle, why you should run or walk this great themed event?

Stato’s Haunted Hustle, Why You Should Run or Walk

Runners Love Themed Races

Give people a chance to lace up their sneakers and run or walk around costumed and there you have it, a unique and memorable experience. But why are themed races so popular ?


Running/walking can be monotonous at time. Running the same loop every day can be even more monotonous. Participating in a themed event is just fun and it certainly brings you out of your routine.


Dressing up in a costume and getting to pretend you’re someone or something else is just fun and exciting. Usually it happens once a year on Halloween. A themed race gives you another chance to be creative and have fun.

There are a several themed running events in Canada and the United States but only one, in Wisconsin, is similar to our own Stato’s Haunted Hustle.

The Event Is Adapted To Your Capacities

Race or walk Haunted HustleRunners and walkers of all ages can choose from 5km, 10km and the 21.1km half marathon.

A Chance To qualify For The Boston Marathon

The 42.2km full marathon distance is a run event only and is a Boston Marathon qualifying event.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the race organizers was having the full marathon event certified with Athletics Canada to be a Boston-qualifier. The race has been a qualifier now for the past two years and at least one participant each year was able to quality. It’s wonderful to know that these runners are attending the Boston Marathon because they qualified at our own Haunted Hustle.


Beautiful Scenery Beside Lake Temiskaming

Haunted Hustle Map Temiskaming Shores

Very few races or walks have such a beautiful scenery following our own Stato trail, with at least 90% of the race taking place beside beautiful Lake Temiskaming.

A Popular Event Not Far From Home

The event is attracting approximately 250 participants from northern Ontario and Quebec but also as far as Ottawa and southern Ontario. It is a well organized and very much appreciated popular activity for people of all ages and fitness level.


A Fundraiser for the STATO Trail Project

Couple enjoying the beautiful Stato trail along lake Temiskaming. The trail us used for cycling, jogging and walking. / Un couple qui profite du sentier Stato qui longe le lac Témiscaming. Le sentier est utilisé pour le vélo, la course et la marche.Since the beginnings of the STATO project, the vision of a themed raced was always in the plans. When the section of the trail between Haileybury and New Liskeard was completed, it was decided that the time was right to create something unique and fun. The Haunted Hustle was born.

The South Temiskaming Active Travel Organization (STATO) was formed as a result of community members’ interest in promotion and development of an active participative transportation routes through Temiskaming Shores high-lighting the waterfront. Dedicated volunteers make up the not-for-profit organization.  To learn more about STATO, visit their web site.


The Vision – Where Does It Go From Here

We need to encourage locals and out-of-town people to participate more. We need to get the word around that this is a fun and well-organized event. There are no reasons why we do not have 500 participants in a few years from now.


Save the date on your calendar and start planning your costume or just participate in the event and share some great memories with friends. 

On-line registration is now open.

Visit to register or simply get more information about this great event.
Stato’s Haunted Hustle, Why You Should Run or Walk


Jocelyn Blais kayaking and co-owner of the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury. / Jocelyn en kayak. Co-propriétaire des Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores.

This Events and Festivals blog post has been written in June 2016 by Jocelyn Blais, a volunteer collaborator to the Destination Temiskaming blog, an engineer, an entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast.
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