Glamping Menu

Glamping Menu

This section is meant as a tool to help you finalise your glamping menu.  Cooking should not be a burden, it should be fun as it is all about sharing great food with family and friends on the glamping island.  It is important to still have time to relax and have fun with the numerous possible activities.

Great glamping food on Farr IslandCooking in an open concept outside kitchen – this is what is awaiting you while glamping on Farr Island located in Northern Ontario .  So add a little glamour to your regular camping adventures and enjoy the glamping cooking facilities; real counters, real burners and stove, real glasses, plates and utensils…

Your glamping menu can be very simple and it could really be higher end.  It is up to you and your group to decide.  Everyone should participate is some way of another:  food prepping, cooking, setting the table, washing the dishes….  Share the tasks, it can be a fun ‘team-building’ experience.   We have brought families closer in our kitchen!

In developing our glamping concept on Farr Island, we decided that guests would bring their own food and cook their own meals.  Keeping a chef on the island and offering prepared meals was adding too much complexity and increasing costs beyond what would be reasonable for most clients.

Kitchen & Accessories

The covered open concept kitchen is open on the one side facing the main pavilion making it easy to interact with others.

You will find two stainless steel counters for food preparation and plating and a large triple sink with cold and hot water (from the lake) for washing.  We have real dishes, glasses, utensils for 25-30 people.  We have dish soap and dish clothes.

For cooking you have a propane BBQ, a propane 3-burners unit and a Heartland ‘old-fashioned’ wood stove.    You can also decide to use the fire-pit if you need to cook something over the open fire.   We have pots and pans of all sizes.  We have knives.  Propane is provided and we have a few spare tanks on site.

We do not have electricity for blenders and food processors.  Everything has to be done by hand like in the old days 🙂

For refrigeration, we have an old ice-box from the turn of the century.  We will provide large ice cubes to keep the fridge cold.  Please note it is not a freezer so you cannot keep frozen goods.  Usually the ice-box is used for the food portion only.  There is not enough room to add the beverages so people would need to keep their beverages in separate camping type coolers (you need to supply your own).  We have a few large camping type coolers that could be available in case you need extra storage place for food.  You should ensure you have enough ice in your various coolers for the duration of your stay.

Glamping Kitchen on Farr Island



Simple meals while glamping on Farr IslandWe keep some basic condiments on the island so you do not have to bring everything.  Please note that we have these condiments in limited quantity.  For example, if you are planning to do major baking for your entire group, you should bring your own flour.

Here is a listing of what we would have:

    • basic spices: salt, pepper, cajun, Montreal steak, garlic powder and a few others….
    • olive and canola oil
    • balsamic vinegar
    • maple syrup
    • sugar
    • flour
    • oatmeal
    • variety of teas
    • coffee
    • hot chocolate (powder)
    • hot cider (envelopes)
    • packets of peanut butter and jams
    • popcorn
    • foil and plastic wrapping
    • garbage bags
    • napkins/paper towel, dishwashing soap & towels

Glamping Menu

Although we provide basic condiments and drinking water, you will have to bring and cook your own food and beverages.   Please note that people usually bring too much food.   Please plan your meals and quantities required.  If you need 10 breads, do not bring 20.  Often people go back with half of the food remaining.

We have 4 major grocery stores in New Liskeard (10 minutes from Haileybury) where you could do your required shopping (Your Independant grocer, Walmart, Food Basics, Giant Tiger).  There are also a few delis offering local products (Yves Prime Cut Meats & Quality Meats)  .  In Haileybury you would have a few convenience (R.U. Hungries, One Stop For U, BNS Corner Gas)  stores offering basic products.  Haileybury restaurants could also prepare a few take-out items for you (i.e. Subway…)

Please note that private chefs could be brought to the island for the preparation of a specific meal.  This is usually a costly add-on but it is possible to arrange.


We will be providing blocks of ice for the main icebox located in the kitchen.  This icebox should be able to store most of your refrigerated food.  Note, the icebox is not a freezer.  You will need to bring ice for your smaller coolers and beverages.


We are providing 5-gallons jugs of potable drinking water. You will need to bring the rest of your beverages and provide coolers for these beverages.  You will not have enough space in the kitchen icebox for beverages.  If you need additional camping coolers, we have a few that could be available.

Glamping Lobster 5-star cooking on Farr IslandBreakfast Ideas

    1. Bacon/sausage/eggs/homefries/toasts
    2. Muffins/toasts/oatmeal/yogourt/fruits
    3. Crepes/pancakes/bacon/sausage

Lunch Ideas

    1. Corn on the cob & nachos
    2. Hotdogs & salad
    3. Hamburgers & salad
    4. Chili & salad
    5. Soup & salad

Cooking hamburgers on Farr Island glampingDinner Ideas

    1. Pasta & garlic bread
    2. Chicken breast, roasted potatoes & veggies
    3. Steaks & foil wrapped potatoes
    4. Salmon fillet, & veggies

Snack Ideas

    1. Vegetable & dips
    2. Variety of fruits
    3. Tortillas & salsa
    4. Crackers & hummus
    5. Cold cuts
    6. Chips, peanuts …..

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Planning Your Menu for the Glamping Island 

Below you will find a tool to help you plan your menu.


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