Devils Rock, Almost Unknown

Devils Rock, Almost Unknown

Devils Rock, almost unknown, is a must if you are in the Temiskaming region. It is one of the preferred destinations for photographers and painters. It ranks among the best scenic views in the province. The view from atop is simply spectacular. And it is clear that it is not known well enough. Even locals don’t take enough pride in this great natural asset. A fault cliff with a 600 ft face rising 300 ft above Lake Temiskaming. Devils Rock is an indication of the Lake Temiskaming rift valley.

Devils Rock, Almost Unknown Unique and Interesting Features

Group standing in front of one of the five mining tunnels at the base of Devil's Rock. The tunnels were blasted out during the Cobalt's silver rush era. / Groupe devant un des tunnels miniers à la base du rocher du diable. Ces tunnels furent creusés lors de la ruée de l'argent de Cobalt.

Group standing in front of one of the five mining tunnels at the base of Devil’s Rock

Discover The Tunnels From The Silver Rush Era

Someday if you are at water level just below Devils Rock, you’ll be able to discover the five mining tunnels chiseled during the Cobalt’s famous silver rush era somewhere around 1910. You can actually explore the tunnels and the experience is quite unique. You absolutely need a flashlight if you are going to venture in the tunnels.

A Rock Climbing Destination

Devils Rock is also an interesting climbing destination not yet fully developed. There exists some routes as can be seen from the bolts in place, but most of the climbing seems to fall into the multi-pitch trad climbing category, which for Ontario is a rare thing. Topping out on the Finger of God is an experience as it positions you perched looking out over lake Temiskaming. There are several ascensions mentioned in the manual” “Ontario’s Finest Rock Climbs” by David Smart, which give descriptions and directions but expect to take quite a bit of time to discover the routes. There are a considerable number of climbs mentioned  in, however these are lacking the information to easily discover the climbs.

 Devils Rock Long Weekend Climbing Trip video by Matthew Sapiecha 2013 –you tube


The Common Mistakes When Going To Devils Rock

A group on top of Devil's Rock with a spectacular background view of lake Temiskaming. Perfect outing during your stay at the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury. / Un groupe au rocher du diable avec une vue spectaculaire du lac Témiskaming. Expédition parfaite pendant votre séjour aux Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores.

A group on top of Devil’s Rock

Not Taking Enough Time

Simply take a bit more time. Often we rush up there, take a few photos and rush back. If you are rushing in time, don’t go, plan it for a different time. Slow down! Enjoy the hike, enjoy the view, take photos. Simply relax – the wind blowing, the birds churning, the waves breaking way down at your feet… Bring along a snack or picnic. Enjoy a local food picnic.

Missing The Best View Of Devils Rock

If you want to have the best view of Devils Rock face, you need to travel a few hundred meters to the left (north) of the white cross. Often people take pictures of the lake but are not able to get the view often depicted in the articles.

The Two Accesses To Devils Rock.

First you will want to take highway 567 which is off highway 11-B in North Cobalt. For the Bucke Park access you will need to travel highway 567 approximately 4km. For the second access, the small-unmarked parking lot is another 1.5km further.  Here is a Google map to help you find your way.

Children hiking to Devil's Rock through the shortest access route. Great activity for families, couples or solo travellers. A picnic can even be brought to have on site. / Enfants en route vers le rocher du diable en utilisant la route d'accès la plus courte. Une activité idéale pour tous, famille, coupes ou même pour les personnes seules.

Hiking to Devil’s Rock

The longer access is a scenic 3km gentle climb from Bucke Park. The parking is at the far end of the park. Trail signage is also better. The hike provides for a better footage and a dryer trail but you will be in a constant light climb.   When you arrive on top, you will be at the left end of the cliff. You will want to continue all the way to the right where the white cross is located.

The shortest 1.5km hike is from highway 567 where a small-unmarked parking indicates the start of the trail. The walk is flat but will be rocky in some locations so you need good shoes with a good ankle support.   In the spring or fall, sections of the trail will be wet and you might have to detour slightly around the puddles. When you arrive you will be at the right end of the cliff.   Always keep your right as you will see a few junction areas.


Devils Rock, almost unknown. Great view from Lake Temiskaming of Devil's Rock 300 ft exposed face. The white cross can also be seen on top. / Vue impressionante à partir du lac Témiskaming de la face de 300 pi du rocher du diable. Également, la croix blanche en haut du rocher est visible.

Great view of Devil’s Rock from Lake Temiskaming

Several articles have been written about Devils Rock. Take a look at what Backroads Bill wrote on Devils Rock and learn about the legend.

Note : The site is not supervised nor secured by fencing so parents will have to keep a close eye on their children. You can safely visit the site and even if you are at a distance from the edge you will still get to appreciate the spectacular views.




Jocelyn Blais kayaking and co-owner of the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury. / Jocelyn en kayak. Co-propriétaire des Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores.

This Nature and Outdoors blog post has been written in April 2016 by Jocelyn Blais, a volunteer collaborator to the Destination Temiskaming blog, an engineer, an entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast. To learn more about Jocelyn.

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