Nicole and Jocelyn and our Team

Nicole and Jocelyn and our Team

Our mission is to create for you a most memorable stay.  We believe that our historical homes alive with a truly human warmth along with the beauty of the Temiskaming region and its rich history will provide you with the authentic experience you are looking for.  As you learn a bit more about us, you will understand why we are so passionate about what we do and why every guest is important to us.                                                         Nicole and Jocelyn, owners

About Nicole and Jocelyn

Nicole Guertin owner of the Presidents' Suites on top of Devil's rock / propriétaire des Suites des Présidents à Haileybury en haut du rocher du diable. Nicole Guertin from Kapuskasing discovered the Villa, her first historical home, while she was travelling throughout Ontario as executive director for tourism organisation Direction Ontario. She was overwhelmed by Haileybury, such a quaint little community nestled on the shores of lake Temiskaming. Like many people travelling along the TransCanada highway 11, she had not given herself the trouble of driving on secondary Highway 11-B to discover Haileybury, Cobalt and New Liskeard. She fell madly in love with the beauty of lake Temiskaming and the magnificent historical residence, which was at the time for sale. Before long, she had made an offer on the house, planning to convert it into an accommodation for executives traveling in the region. A series of events brought her to transform her home into what is now the Villa and further develop the business into what the Presidents’ Suites is today with seven homes and an island.

Jocelyn Blais owner of the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury kayaking at Farr Island / Propriétaire des Suites des Présidents en kayak à l'île FarrJocelyn Blais, Nicole’s partner, is from the northern Ontario community of Hearst. Over the years, the evolution in his career carried him from engineering and manufacturing sectors towards economic development and health.  Like Nicole, on his first visit of the Villa, he fell in love with the property and the beauty of the Temiskaming region. A gardener, carpenter, chef, he plays a key role in order to ensure that the houses and properties are always perfect, and this for every guest.


Nicole and Jocelyn are both involved in the community, are outdoor people and are very much interested in incorporating in the near future the vision of wellness and well-being as an integral part of the Presidents’ Suites.


About Our Dedicated Team

We have a team of dedicated employees which ensures the every home is ready for our guests.  We are proud of their work and we are very glad that they have chosen to be part of the Presidents’ Suites team.

Laura Carl member of the Presidents' Suites team / membre de l'équipe des Suites des Présidents

Laura Carl was born and raised in the Tri-towns. She did her post secondary education in North Bay and from there continued her life experience working for the United Nations in Africa for several years. She remains drawn to this location because of her love for her family, friends and the outdoors, so she is now settled back down here with her dog, Samson.


Kim Morrow-Bienvenu member of the Presidents' Suites team / membre de l'équipe des Suites des Présidents

Kim Morrow-Bienvenu was fortunate to be born and raised on a large dairy farm in Kerns Township just north of Temiskaming Shores. She was surrounded by a big family, tons of animals, infinite nature and full bilingualism. As a “farm-kid”, she was required to keep house for her family and to this day she considers house cleaning and caring for others her bliss… Her Husband Marc was instrumental in having Kim return to Temiskaming Shores; The place of her heart.  When she finally grows up she wants to BE “Laura”!!!!

Sharren Reil responsible for corporate sales at the Presidents' Suites in Temiskaming Shores - Sharren est responsable des ventes corporatives pour les Suites des Présidents à Haileybury.

Sharren Reil grew up on an island off the coast of British Columbia, spent over a decade mushing dogs in the Yukon, and has traveled around the world. She spent five years living in Moosonee, and for the past decade she has lived and worked in Temiskaming Shores while raising her two teens. A storyteller at heart, Sharren brings her energy and imagination to our team.


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