Play and Learn

Play and Learn

While glamping you can now play and learn.  The Interpretation Centre houses our Glamping Island activities, designed as educational exploration for kids of ages. Here you’ll find learning games about mosses and trees, board games, and cards, along with a daybed and other spots to hunker down, read, play, and relax.

Please visit the new glamping web site to learn more about some of these play and learn activities .

Play and Learn with the Tree Discovery Hunt

During the Glamping Island’s self-guided Tree Discovery Hunt, kids of all ages can learn about the conifers and deciduous trees found on the island.You’ll be surprised at how many different species there are to discover on our little island!

Play and Learn with the Moss Discovery Hunt

Our Moss Discovery Hunt will guide you through the sun and shade of the trails criss-crossing the island. A fund and interesting educational activity for all ages!

The Pirate Treasure Hunt

If you are glamping on Farr Island with your children, our pirate treasure hunt is a must. A real treasure hunt is every child’s dream. Imagine a real treasure hunt where you actually alone with your group on an island. A great way to spend an afternoon with your group and fun guaranteed for everyone.
Family ready for their pirate treasure hunt at Farr Island. A great activity organized by the Presidents' Suites. / Famille prête pour la chasse aux trésors de pirates. Une activité organisée par les Suites des Présidents.

Family ready for their pirate treasure hunt at Farr Island.

To start the treasure hunt you will be provided with an initial clue.  You will follow the instructions and this will lead you to the next one. The clues are educational and the participants will discover a lot of new things as they continue their journey around the island in finding the hidden treasure. The hunt should take approximately an hour. At the end, the treasure will be found and a small treasure will be given to all the participants.


The Glamping Island has several fun events to offer
and it is a great way to spend an afternoon with your  family.

Believe us, it works every time! 

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)