Devil’s Rock A Must See

Devil’s Rock A Must See

It’s hard to believe that Devil’s Rock one of Ontario’s best and most accessible natural outlooks is seldom seen. It is well known to locals, but still unknowns to most other people. Devil’s Rock is a local treasured area of beauty and is often depicted in local art as one of the preferred destinations for painters and photographers.

About Devil’s Rock

Devil’s Rock is a fault cliff dated to 2.2 billion years. It has a face of 600 feet rising 300 feet above the water level. The view over lake Temiskaming is just spectacular.  The site is not supervised nor secured by fencing so parents will have to keep a close eye on their children. You can safely visit the site and even if you are at a distance from the edge you will still get to appreciate the spectacular view of lake Temiskaming.Another interesting feature are the scars of mining tunnels chiseled during the silver rush era. If you are on the water just below Devil’s Rock, you will find five tunnels in the cliff which were dug out during the Cobalt’s Silver Rush somewhere. Devil’s Rock is also a climbing destination that is yet to be developed. There exist some routes as can be seen from the bolts in place but these are not well documented.


You will be interested in this great article and video by the adventurer Backroads Bill on Devil’s Rock.  You will be able to read the legend associated with Devil’s Rock.



How To Get There

There are two accesses to Devil’s Rock.  Both accesses are off highway 567 adjacent to North Cobalt.  Once you are in North Cobalt take Lake View road (which is highway 576) and then it will become Silver Centre Road.  The Bucke Park access is 3km along this road and the 2nd access is 1.5km further after the Bucke Park entrance.

Google Map With Both Access Routes

The first easier 1.5 km hike is from a small-unmarked parking on highway which indicates the start of the trail.   The walk is flat but will be rocky in some locations so you need good shoes with a good ankle support.   In the spring or fall sections will be wet and you might have to detour slightly around the puddles. Expect that your shoes will get a bit dirty. It should take you approximately 30 minutes one way.This route makes for a nice snowshoe outing in the winter time. When you arrive you will be at the right end of the cliff. Make sure you travel a few hundred meters to the left to have the best view of the cliff.

The other access is a scenic 3 km gentle climb from Bucke Park. Once you reach the park entrance from highway 567, follow the entrance to the far end where you can park your car.  You will find better parking here and the trail signage is better. The hike provides for a better footage and a dryer trail but you will be in a constant light climb.   It should take you approximately 50 minutes one way.  When you arrive on top, you will be at the left end of the cliff so ensure you also go all the way to the right where the white cross is located. The best pictures of the cliff are taken from the left side of the face.


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