Presidents’ Suites Story

Presidents’ Suites Story

Welcome to our timeline, the Presidents’ Suites story. The journey which started back in 2002 has been very exciting as we have been developing something  new and unique in this very beautiful Temiskaming area of Northern Ontario.

We hope that you will appreciate our progression and involvement in the community and that it will give you a sense of where we are heading.

The Presidents’ Suites Story

It All Started Here


Nicole Discovering Haileybury

Nicole Guertin owner of the Presidents' Suites - propriétaire des Suites des Présidents

While I was travelling throughout Ontario as executive director for tourism organisation Direction Ontario, I was overwhelmed by Haileybury, such a quaint little community nestled on the shores of Lake Temiskaming. Like many people travelling along the TransCanada highway 11, I had not given myself the trouble of driving on secondary Highway 11-B to discover Haileybury, Cobalt, New Liskeard and Lake Temiskaming.


Acquiring the Ferland House

The Ferland House, now the Presidents' Suites Villa as it was in 1915. This said home was build in 1906 on Millionaire's row in Haileybury by Arthur Ferland

During one of Nicole’s visit to Haileybury, Jack Perry, the harbourmaster of the time, pointed out to a magnificent historical residence on Millionaires’ row, which was at the time for sale. Before long, she had made an offer on the house, planning to convert it into an accommodation for executives travelling in the region. At the time she did not really know that the house had been built in 1906 by Arthur Ferland,  owner of the Matabanick Hotel, one of the first mine owners in Cobalt, and a great community leader of the time.


Birth of the Presidents’ Suites

Nicole Guertin in font of the President's Suites Villa in Haileybury. / Nicole devant la Villa des Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores

A series of events brought Nicole to transform the Ferland Home into three distinct suites which gave birth to the Presidents’ Suites.


First Marketing Brochure

First marketing brochure of the Presidents' Suites - Première brochure promotionnelle des Suites des Présidents

Our first marketing brochure was aimed at the traveler or business person desiring a unique experience.

The tagline was  ‘The Executive Suites of the North’


First Historical Evening

First historical evening held at the Presidents' Suites with the Direction Ontario group / Première soirée historique aux Suites des Présidents avec le groupe de Direction Ontario

The concept for the historical evenings was launched and first tried with the Direction Ontario group.  Everyone had a real good time with tons of laughters.


B&B Canada

B&B Canada was the first marketing web tool for the Presidents' Suites / Gîtes Canada a été le premier outil web des Suites des Présidents

B&B Canada becomes the first web marketing tool of the Presidents’ Suites.  Back in 2006, the only home on Lakeshore with its 3 suites is operated as a Bed & Breakfast.


New Logo & Branding

Presidents' Suites resort logo A Vacation Rental in Northern Ontario - Temiskaming Shores / Le logo des Suites des Présidents

A new logo and marketing strategy was developed.  The importance of developing a recognizable brand is always a key aspect in the successful development of a business.

First Web Site

Presidents' Suites first web site back in 2010. / Premier site web des Suites des Présidents.

The first web site of the Presidents’ Suites is developed in 2010.  At the time, the web site was trying to capture as much content as possible about the Temiskaming region and its communities.   The site was the most important tool in attracting new guests from all regions to the Presidents’ Suites.


Moving Full-Time in Haileybury

Nicole Guertin & Jocelyn Blais, owners of the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury / Nicole et Jocelyn, propriétaires des Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores

In 2010, Nicole and Jocelyn decided to move full-time in Haileybury and focus their efforts in the development of the Presidents’ Suites. Up to that time, the business was ran mostly out of Nicole’s Kapuskasing office with local part-time employees taking care of the property and getting everything ready for the guests.


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home publication, If walls could talk article about the Presidents' Suites. / Article sur le sujet des Suites des Présidents.

The Presidents’ Suites is featured in the Home Sweet Home publication.  Under the story ‘If Walls Could Talk’ by Darlene Wroe.  In the article, Nicole likens Haileybury to Niagara-on-the-Lake and she also stated that Presidents’ Suites want to be a catalyst in attracting visitors and groups to do things in our beautiful community.

The Cottage

The Presidents' Suites Cottage in Haileybury / Le Chalet des Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores

The property at 426 Florence was purchased and it would become Nicole & Jocelyn’s  home.  The quaint little home has a beautiful on the lake and is walking distance to the Villa.  The house would be named ‘the Cottage’.

The Guest House

It is really when you are in living room you can appreciate the richness of this small house. The original oak staircase and trims, the fireplace, high ceilings really speak of days when the region was still riding the Cobalt silver rush. You will really appreciate the tranquility of the Guest House which is one of the Presidents’ Suites historical homes in Haileybury. / C’est vraiment lorsque vous êtes dans le salon que vous apprécier la richesse de cette petite maison. L'escalier et les garnitures en chêne, le foyer, les hauts plafonds parlent vraiment des jours où la région était encore à profiter de la ruée de l’argent de Cobalt. Vous apprécierez vraiment la tranquillité de la maison d'hôtes qui est une des maisons historiques des Suites des Présidents à Haileybury.

The Guest House located on Brewster Street was purchased and upgraded to the Presidents’ Suites standards.  This little house remains today one of our most popular with its beautiful views on Lake Temiskaming and original woodwork and trims.


Temiskaming Interactive Circuits

Temiskaming Interactive Circuits Logo Circuits interactifs du Témiskaming

The Presidents’ Suites partners with ARTEM cultural Centre to develop the Temiskaming Interactive Circuits (TiC) project.  The project was to develop an innovative and affordable way, with the use of the internet and mobile devices,  to promote the touristic and cultural aspects of the area Temiskaming region.

Hospitality Award

Hospitality award 2013 from the Temiskaming Shores and area chamber of commerce awarded to the Presidents' Suites / prix de mérite hospitalité pour les Suites des Présidents.

The Presidents’ Suites receives the 2013 Hospitality Award from the Temiskaming Shores & Area Chamber of Commerce in recognition of outstanding quality of service and passion for hospitality and the promotion of the Temiskaming region.

The Prospector’s House

The living room of the Prospector's house with a 1903 piano. / Le salon de la Maison des prospecteurs avec son piano de 1903.

The Prospector’s House is added to the President’s Suites historical homes.  It is the first home to be developed with a thematic associated with the history of the region, the Cobalt mining era.  The  decor of the home was recognized by the IDEA 2014 national award.

Historical Games

The Amazing Lives of Cobalt - Haileybury's Prospector's Colouring Book developed by the President's Suites / le livre à colorier des Prospecteurs develop avec le concept de la maison des Prospecteurs à Haileybury

Historical games and publications were developed to promote the Prospector’s House and the concept of using our rich history to attract people to the region.  The head frame and guess who memory games along with he ‘The amazing lives of Cobalt-Haileybury’s Prospectors’ were developed in partnership with local artists.

Collaborating With Community Organisations

Presidents' Suites collaboration with community organisations, ARTEM, Festival des Folies Franco-fun, the Camp Jeunesse en marche, Temiskaming Art Gallery / collaboration entre les Suites des Présidents et des organisations communautaires

In 2013, the Presidents’ Suites collaborated with several community organisations in order to assist in the development of a strategic and marketing plan.  A few of these organisations were ARTEM, the Festival des Folies Franco-Fun, the Camp Jeunesse en Marche and the Temiskaming Art Gallery.


Farr Island

Aerial view of Farr Island on lake Temiskaming. Owned by the Presidents' Suites in Haileybury / vue aérienne de l'île Farr. L'île est appartenue par les Suites des Présidents à Temiskaming Shores

Farr Island, a small 5-acre island on Lake Temiskaming was purchased from C.C. Farr’s descendants.  The island is now a  day destination for the Presidents’ Suites guests and maybe in the future might become a glamping destination.

Trip Advisor 2014 Certificate of Excellence

The Presidents' Suites receives the Trip Advisor 2014 Certificate of Excellence recognition 8 Les Suites des Présidents obtiennent la reconnaissance certificat d'excellence 2014 de Trip Advisor

The Presidents’ Suites obtains the 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence recognition.

Guest Speaker Series

Presidents' Suites Guest Speaker Series in Haileybury / Conférenciers des Suites des Présidents à Temsikaming Shores

Inspired by the TED concept, the Presidents’ Suites Guest Speaker Series was launched.  Nicole & Jocelyn wanted to share with the community the knowledge, passion and inspiration of some of our renowned and talented guests. Short talks/demonstrations are organized a few times a year where our guests present on a specific topic.


The Lumber Baron’s House

Living room of the Lumber Baron's house with fireplace / Salon de la Maison des barons forestiers avec foyer.

The Lumber Baron’s House, built in 1906,  is added to the President’s Suites historical homes. It is the second  home to be developed with a thematic associated with the history of the region, the Lake Temiskaming lumber era. The decor of the home was recognized by the IDEA 2015 national award.

Trip Advisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence

The Presidents' Suites receives the Trip Advisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence recognition 8 Les Suites des Présidents obtiennent la reconnaissance certificat d'excellence 2015 de Trip Advisor

The Presidents’ Suites obtains the 2015 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence recognition.

Historical Activities

Pirates paddling to Farr Island for the treasure hunt / Des Pirates en route vers l'île Farr pour la chasse aux trésors

The rich history of the Temiskaming region is very important for the Presidents’ Suites and we are trying to convey this history over to every one of our guests with historical activities such as our historical scavenger hunt, our mystery day and our pirate treasure hunt.

Corporate Destination

Meeting room of the Lumber Barons' house with can accommodate up to 25 people sitting. The room can be converted to a sleeping area with 5 beds by removing the tables. / Salle de rencontre de la Maison des barons forestiers pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 25 personnes. La salle peut devenir un dortoir avec 5 lits en enlevant les tables.

The Presidents’ Suites becomes a perfect setting for corporate meetings and get-togethers with the addition of a larger meeting room in the Lumber Baron’s House.  Smaller meeting rooms are also available in other homes.   A corporate marketing brochure is developed.  Groups experience a different social interaction which seems particularly conducive to productive meetings.

The Little Crooked House

Kitchen area of Little Crooked house, a vacation rental property, with eclectic design / cuisine de la Petite maison croche avec design éclectique

The house was added to our list of historical homes in 2015.  With its eclectic design, the Little Crooked House is unique and it certainly surprises all of our guests. The eclectic style encompasses different periods and is brought as a whole through the use of texture, color, furniture and fabrics.   The Little Crooked House is the perfect one person or one couple house.



Marketing Strategy

Presidents' Suites marketing strategy with key markets / Stratégie de marketing des Suites des Présidents

A new marketing strategy that will lead the Presidents’ Suites future development was implemented.  The four main axis will help to focus on the key markets in order to attract people to the Temiskaming region.

Recognized As One Of The Best Destination

Northern Ontario Business media coverage of the Presidents' Suites / couverture médiatique des Suites des Présidents par le Northern Ontario Business

The Presidents’ Suites is now being recognized as one of the best and unique destination in the region, province and country.  Take a look at the testimonials in this short video to find out why.



Updated Web Site

Presidents' Suites 2016 new web site / Nouveau site web de 2016 des Suites des Présidents

A fully updated web site now represents what the Presidents’ Suites are all about in 2016.  With its five historical homes and island, along with all the associated historical activities and products, Nicole and Jocelyn have truly developed a unique business model.

Destination Temiskaming Blog

Destination Temiskaming Blog banner photo with beautiful lake Temiskaming. Thanks to Richard Steward from Photografiks in Haileybury for the great photo. / Photo du blogue Destina

A new blog about the Temiskaming region is launched as we believe that this region is unique, attractive, and deserves to be shared. The blog posts feature special sites, hidden gems, artists, local products, unique people and interesting businesses.

Wellness & Well-being

Niska Wellness Centre, a pillar of the Presidents' Suites / le centre de bienêtre Niska un pilier des Suites des Présidents.

We believe that wellness is essential to a good and happy life.  Our vision is to add a wellness pillar to the Presidents’ Suites and to provide a retreat center where people could experience renewal and deep well-being. We believe that as human beings, we need to seriously consider major changes in the way we are living.