Fall Colours Tour of Lake Temiskaming

Fall Colours Tour of Lake Temiskaming

If you’re from Southern Ontario and looking for a last minute weekend idea this fall, we have something unique for you!  Our fall colours tour vacation weekend up North around Lake Temiskaming is not simply breathtaking but it will take you places most of you have never visited before and it is not that far away.  Why not consider the Lake Temiskaming fall colours tour?

When people are talking about fall colours tour, immediately the same regions come up: Muskoka, Algonquin Park, Algoma Country, Thousand Islands and a few other regions.  These regions are great but you may have been there, done that.  Plus, there is a lot of people and these regions may often be fairly expensive to visit.

We are offering you a 3-day itinerary which will take you from Southern Ontario to the beautiful Lake Temiskaming region.  This fall colours tour will take you on both sides of the lake, Ontario and Quebec. You will discover different cultures, you will learn about history and you will have a chance to discover a new region while appreciating the fall colours.  The trip around Lake Temiskaming could also be a great destination for your last motorcycle tour of the year.

Our Lake Temiskaming Fall Colours Tour 3-day Itinerary

Lake Temiskaming Tour map - Carte du tour du lac Témiscamingue

The Lake Temiskaming Tour

The proposed tour is an itinerary which includes our top picks but it is not etched in stone.  You decide what you want to do and you can adjust to your own pace.    Here are the details our 3-day Lake Temiskaming fall colours tour itinerary leaving from Southern Ontario.

Day 1 Friday: Head North to the Shores of Lake Temiskaming

You will leave Southern Ontario in the morning and be heading North on the 400 to Barrie and then take Highway 11 to North Bay.  Your 4h drive will be very pleasant; a 4-lane highway all the way to North Bay, passing through the Muskoka region and the communities of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Birk’s Falls.  This region is certainly renown for its’ fall colours tour.

North Bay Waterfront / Downtown Lunch

North Bay waterfront offers a beautiful view of Lake Nipissing.  Parking is easy and as you hop off your car you will have access to the boardwalk and the waterfront attractions including the famous carousel and miniature railway.   North Bay’s  downtown is walking distance and easily accessible: just cross the tunnel under the railway and you will have a chance to discover more than a dozen restaurants.

View from the Temagami Fire Tower

View from the Temagami Fire Tower

Temagami Fire Tower

An hour North of North Bay, the Temagami fire tower is a must for the fall colours.  Temagami fire tower is located on top of Caribou Mountain and offers a great panoramic view of the old growth forest and the lakes the area is known for. The Fall is the best time to appreciate the view. If you want to extend your visit, the site offers an network of trails just below the tower in the ancient forest.

The Presidents’ Suites Historical Homes

You final stretch of the day will take you to your accommodations for the next two evenings.  The historical home of the Presidents’ Suites in Haileybury on the shores of Lake Temiskaming will offer you comfort and will introduce you to the concept of vacation rental where you will have your own house or suite.   Enjoy the view of the lake and the fall colours from your patio or private dock.

For dinner, you can walk up to downtown Haileybury and enjoy a great meal at one of our local restaurants.

Each of our homes or suites has a full kitchen and barbecue so you can bring your food to prepare your own meal while enjoying a good bottle of wine.

Finish off your evening by enjoying the exterior spa located at every Presidents’ Suites homes.

Day 2 Saturday: Discover the Temiskaming Area

Start your day by enjoying the continental breakfast provided in the comfort of your suite. Nicole & Jocelyn, the owners of the Presidents’ Suites will bake something special in the morning and will leave by your door to enjoy with everything else that is available in your kitchen: fruits, yogourt, local buckwheat pancake mix, maple syrup , local coffee, Pluck teas…

Craig Haven Farms in New Liskeard

Products from Craig Haven Farm and several other producers

The New Liskeard Farmer’s Market

Follow the shores of Lake Temiskaming and take a short drive to New Liskeard to visit the Riverside Farmer’s Market.  Discover the local Mennonite community and farmers with their fall harvest. Pick-up fresh vegetables, local grass-fed meat and a few treats which you can use to prepare a great supper in the comfort of your historical home.  You can also take a walk downtown which begins right at the Farmer’s Market.

Devil’s Rock Experience

Devi's Rock View over Lake Temiskaming

Devi’s Rock View over Lake Temiskaming

Head out for the Devil’s Rock experience. A 40 minutes light/moderate hike will take you to the Devil’s Rock.  Enjoy the view at 300 feet over Lake Temiskaming.  The panoramic view is often a preferred destinations for photographers and painters and the fall colours will be spectacular.

Discover Historical Cobalt

After your hike, you can continue to discover Historical Cobalt, Canada’s most historic town.  Imagine, Cobalt the birthplace of  Canadian mining was bigger than the famous Klondike gold rush.  Back a hundred years ago, Cobalt had over 100 mines, a railcar, operas, a stock exchange …  You will have a chance to see some of the famous rock cuts, some of the scenes that inspired the Group of Seven.  You can visit Laura’s art shoppe, a very unique art gallery and the Crystal Vault, an artisan store.


Choosing to Spend the Day in Haileybury

Redstone miniature automobile galleryYou might prefer spending the day in Haileybury.  You could reserve for a visit at Redstone, Canada’s largest miniature car gallery.  A great activity for the entire family.  Another great activity is to spend a few hours at our historic Haileybury golf course.  You can enjoy the view of the lake on 8 of the 9 holes.

Enjoying the Haileybury Historic Golf Course with family and friends / Profitez du club de golf historique de Haileybury aves amis et famille.


You will then come back to enjoy the evening at the Presidents’ Suites to prepare you local food dinner and enjoy a quiet evening.

Day 3 Sunday: Heading Back Home and Enjoying the Quebec Side Fall Colours

Témiscamingue fall colours tour photo by Mathieu Dupuis

Témiscamingue fall photo by Mathieu Dupuis

Most people have not taken the Quebec side route to head back south.  You will find a winding road, beautiful views of Lake Temiskaming, hillside farming fields and quaint little villages & communities. Travelling the Quebec side of the Lake Temiskaming Tour is a very different experience than taking the Ontario side. It might take you an extra 30 minutes, but the drive is worth it. Don’t worry, most people will be able to help you in English.

Before your Departure, a Morning Walk at the Haileybury Waterfront

You could certainly start your day with a morning walk at the Haileybury waterfront.  Nicole offers a great walking tour of the Haileybury great fire.  It is available on AirBnB Experience.

Sunday Brunch at la Bannik

La Bannik resort is located just south of Ville-Marie in Duhamel-Ouest, a quaint little region who was voted Quebec’s nicest village a few years back.  Inspired by local flavors, it’s restaurant offers meals to taste in a cozy and warm environment.  La Bannik is a picturesque and enchanting setting located on the shores of the majestic Lake Temiskaming.   Inside like on the patio, you will enjoy the wonderful view over Lake Temiscamingue.

Visit Fort Temiskaming National Historic Site

Walking distance from the Bannik, you will find historical Fort Temiskaming.  This Parks Canada site offers a modern visitor’s centre, exhibits, and reenactments highlight the cultural history of the place.  Of particular interest is the view of Lake Temiskaming and the short hike through the ‘enchanted forest’ .

After your visit of Fort Temiskaming, you will then continue your journey home through Temiskaming and  Mattawa by taking Highway 533.  This windy road along the Ottawa river is worth the drive especially for the fall colours.  Temiskaming is also known as the ‘garden city’ and you will find a few interesting attractions you can visit.  In Mattawa it is always interesting to view the twenty-two, larger than life, wooden statues commemorating some of the famous historical figures.    You also have the option of taking highway 63 to North Bay.  From North Bay, the four-lane highway will take you back home.


If you are interested in our fall colours tour or if you need more information please contact Nicole

at nicole@presidentssuites.com or by telephone/text at (705) 622-0279.

If you prefer to come during the week, we can rearrange the itinerary slightly to accommodate for the venues that might not be available for your selected dates.


Thank you Sue Nielsen for the great Cobalt fall photo used in the banner of this fall colours tour.


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