Cycling in Temiskaming Shores

Cycling in Temiskaming Shores

Cycling is part of the daily routines of several of our guests. We are pleased to provide you with a few of our preferred routes for cycling in Temiskaming Shores. We have mapped these out the longer routes on our own Presidents’ Suites Google maps so that it is easier for you to visualize and decide if you want to try them out.

Cycling in Temiskaming Shores

Cycling in Temiskaming Shores by lake Temiskaming. / Vélo à Haileybury et New Liskeard.

Proposed Cycling Routes

We are proposing 3 different scenic routes which are very different from each other. Google Map for 15km routes for cycling in Temiskaming Shores.   Please open up the map and you will be able the select each route individually to better visualize the proposed course.

The Stato Trail (17km and 34km versions)

The shorter 17km version follows the Stato trail from Haileybury to New Liskeard and back. You will be following Lake Temiskaming for most of your journey and as you approach New Liskeard you will discover the boardwalk. Once you reach the Waterfront Inn and the arena, you can turn around and head back towards Haileybury taking again the Stato Trail.

For the longer 34km version you will continue and follow the lake to Dawson Point Road until you reach the end of the road.  The view on Lake Temiskaming from the point is breathtaking.  You can then head back to Haileybury taking the same route.

The Clover Valley Road Loop (21km)

This loop as it will provide you with some very interesting views and you will truly feel like you are in the country for a portion of the route. Please take note that you will be on a gravel road for close to a quarter of the route.  Most of the time the surface is hard packed and you it should be a pleasant ride.  You take the Stato Trail towards New Liskeard and it will take you through sections of New Liskeard.  It will bring you onto Shepherdson Road and then on Clover Valley Road and Sunny hill Road.  You will then take again the Stato Trail for the last portion of the loop

The Quarry Road Longer Loop (12km)

This loop is similar to one of our jogging. You will start this loop by taking the Stato Trail and heading out North towards New Liskeard, once you reach Edward Street you will take a left and continue until you reach Quarry Road. You will follow Quarry Road all the way to North Cobalt where you will start heading back towards Haileybury. The loop will then take you to the Marina which is a great place to cool down and then finish off the by walking to your home.

As you can see there are numerous options for cycling in Temiskaming Shores and we hope that this section of our web site has helped you to identify a few interesting routes.

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