Café METEOR Bistro

Café METEOR Bistro

We have now launched this new project, a restaurant in downtown Haileybury, the Cafe METEOR Bistro.  Some people will say we are a bit crazy, but for us it is a logical next step for our business, our guests and the community.  The increase in our corporate groups and our new glamping project has increased our demand for a quality restaurant that is walking distance from our historical homes.

We are slowly ramping up.  Weekdays,  are open for the morning Café from 7am till 11am.  Come in to enjoy a latte and a fresh pastry.  Lunch goes from 11am till 2pm and we are serving local comfort food.  Afternoon tea is available till 5pm and you can also pick up some prepared dishes from our food-to-go section.

About the METEOR 

The restaurant will be named the Café METEOR Bistro after the famous steamship that navigated  Lake Temiskaming for 40 years and brought pioneers on both side of the Lake .



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