Explore the Glamping Resort

Explore the Glamping Resort

As you explore the glamping resort you will discover a multitude of small details to make your stay memorable.   The glamping island has been design with simplicity to allow you to truly connect with nature.  It has been designed so that everyone has something for them: for all group sizes, for all ages, for the intellectuals, for the adventurers …

The glamping island is located on lake Temiskaming, in Northern Ontario approximately 2.5km south of the Haileybury marina and 250m away from the main land on the west side of the island.  On the east side of the island, the Quebec border is located approx. 1.5km way and Mann (Burnt) island is located approx. 3km away.   The island is 2.2ha (5 acres) in size) and approx. 210m long by 65m at its widest point.   Depending on the water level of the lake, rocks on the outskirt of the island might be exposed or under water.   The island is just an ideal size, large enough so that everyone can find a place and small enough that it is safe and manageable.

Let’s Explore the Glamping Resort

This detailed map of the glamping island will help you explore the glamping resort.

map of Farr island, the glamping island



The Main Pavilion

Our main pavilion consists of a 20ft x 30ft twin-peak tent set on a wood platform.  We have tables and chairs for 30 people, a few recliners and couches.  This is the where people gather for their meals, for activities, or just to relax while having a drink.  For the colder days, the sides can be closed up and we also have a propane patio heater.  The pavilion is located just adjacent to the kitchen.  We have a solar light system for the pavilion.

A large cleared area is located beside the pavilion.  This area is often used for outdoor games.  Our main fire pit is also located in this area.

Glamping Kitchen on Farr IslandThe Kitchen

Our open concept kitchen has everything you will need during your stay.  We have cooking appliances, an ice box, triple sink with cold and hot water, pots & pans, dishes, glasses, utensils, condiments ….  The kitchen is located adjacent to the main pavilion.   We have a solar light system for the kitchen.  For more details about the kitchen, take a look at our ‘glamping menu‘ section of the web site.


The Trail System

We have a trail system that goes around the island and we also have central trail that crosses the island from south to north.  All of our trails have a wood chip base and are great for exploring.  You will discover very unique stuff such as our enchanted forest, the three sisters, the driftwood and a lot more …  Several tree species are identified along the trails so it can also be a learning adventure.  Birds are very present on the island making our walk even more pleasant.

The Sleeping Sites

We have 5 permanent sleeping sites: 2 A-cabins, 2 prospector tents and 1 tiny home.  The sleeping areas are ‘private’ and not shared with other people on the island. Everything is interconnected with a system of trails so it is easy to find your way to the common areas.  We also have a few temporary sites for larger groups.

All 5 sites are located adjacent, a few steps from the edge of the lake, so you have your own little private spot on the water.  All 5 sites you have a front deck with chairs and a small table to enjoy your morning coffee, do some reading or even enjoy the stars in the evening.  We have a fire pit and firewood for each site.  For the evenings, we have candles and also a solar light system with a plug-in for your smartphones.  We also have a hammock at each site.

Sanitary Facilities

You will discover on the island a variety of very unique sanitary facilities.  By using a combination of solar power, water from the lake, and natural filtering systems, we are able to offer facilities that will meet the basic needs of our guests.  Other glamping resorts with electricity, running water and sewage disposal systems might be able to offer more sophisticated facilities but these are generally not located on an island and are much closer to the stress and noise of our daily lives.


We have two docks.  Our main dock is locate on the west side and is mainly used to dock our pontoon.  It could also dock an additional fishing boat.  Some fishing could be done from the end of the dock.  This section of the lake is fairly shallow (approx 10ft) so the water would be warmer.  Our 2nd dock is located on the south/east corner of the island.  This dock is used for swimming/diving and fishing.  Fishing is very good on this side of the island.

The Beach

We have a small beach on the west side, just south of the main dock.  We feel grateful to have this beach as there are very few beaches on lake Temiskaming.  Lake Temiskaming has a rocky bottom.   This beach is great for children as water is very shallow (waist height) for at least 150ft.  The water is usually quite warm.  We have some toys for sand castle building.     We suggest that you bring water shoes and lifejackets for the children.


The Yoga, Exercise & Reading Platforms

Our three wooden platforms which could be used for several purposes such as yoga, exercise or even reading.  The largest one is located on the south side of the island and is 10ft x 30ft.  We have another one on the north/east corner which is 12ft x 12ft.  A smaller 8ft x 8ft platform is on the east side.

Enjoying sauna on Farr IslandThe Sauna

A wood fired sauna is located close to the swimming dock and our largest yoga platform.  The 4-6 people white cedar sauna has been handcrafted by a local company, South Wabi Sawmill.

It is usually ready to use 15-20 minutes after the stove has been fired up.  The sauna is greatly appreciated on the slightly colder evenings or mornings.



The Children Playground & Tree House 

Seesaw in children park on Farr IslandIn the center of the island we have a very unique playground for children aged from 3 to 12 years old.  The playground was designed to try to use the natural elements.

When families first arrive on the island, the playground is certainly a wow factor for all children.

            • We have a tree house
            • We have 2 seesaws for different age groups.
            • We have 2 swings.
            • We have a climbing wall.
            • We have a balance beam walkway.
            • We have a tire step course
            • For the older ones, we have a slack line – teenagers always enjoy challenging their parents!

Chill on a Tentsile hammock on Farr Island

A Tentsile Hammock

We have a 3-person Tentsile hammock located in the vicinity of the Cedar grove tent.

This hammock with a view on the lake is great for a rest, do a bit of reading or just to chill out with a few friends.


Interpretation centre on the glamping island

Interpretation Centre

The Interpretation Centre

An A-cabin as been added as an interpretation centre.  It can also be used as a place for artist to create or for children to play on a  rainy day.  We have a few experiences to offer such as tree and plant learning.


The Tool Storage Shed / Firewood Storage 

We have a tool storage shed where you can probably find something that you might require for a small repair during your stay.  We also store our firewood in this area.


The Pumphouse

A solar activated pump house is located on the east side.  The pump house provided water from the lake to the kitchen, shower and the bathroom sinks.    We our using a 12v water diaphragm pressure pump.


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