Treehouse Glamping on Farr Island

Treehouse Glamping on Farr Island

We just join in the latest glamping trend – treehouse glamping.  We decided to add a treehouse site on our private Farr Island.  We chose to install a Tentsile Stingray tree tent combined with a Trillium hammock.   Imagine being in the place you’ve always wanted to be since you were a kid… up in the tree canopy with the birds overlooking a beautiful sunrise on Lake Temiskaming.

Treehouse Glamping on Farr Island in a Tentsile Stingray Tent

Ladder to access your Tentsile on Farr Island on Lake Temiskaming

Ladder to access your Tentsile

The three-person Stingray tent is the flagship tent from Tentsile.  It can also be great for a young family – just imagine the unique experience!  The interior consists of 3 spacious bays and it is accessed via a floor hatch in the centre.  It is supported between three trees.  So no inhospitable ground conditions, no insects, no snakes and no animals.  Just the sound of birds and waves.  This is just a fun place to stay!

Below the tent, we have a Trillium hammock so that you can hang out overlooking Lake Temiskaming.  In the middle, a drink holder will certainly be useful on the hot summer days.

Farr Island as a Glamping Destination

Farr Island logo. The Lake Temiskaming Island is owned by the Presidents' Suites / Le logo de l'ïle Farr. L'île située sur le lac Témiskaming est appartenue apr les Suites des PrésidentsGlamping on Farr Island will be unique as glamping on a private 5 acres island simply does not exists anywhere else!

This year, we decided to start with a treehouse for the first site.  Next year we will be adding a more ‘traditional’ site with a prospector’s site similar to what you would find at well known resorts such as Clayoquot on Vancouver Island.  Over Time, we think that we might have 5 sites around the island leaving a lot of privacy for the users.

The island could be the ideal glamping destination with guests staying for the first night in our of our historical homes and then spending a few days glamping on the island.

What is Glamping

Glamping, a global trend that emerged in the last decade is a fusion of glamour and camping. A new word for a new kind of travel. Glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. It is designed for travellers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the ‘uncomfortable negatives’ of camping.  No tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no worry about bears…  The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers experience.

Often, glamping spots are located at exotic destinations around the globe, offering the most unique experience outdoors.  In Canada the most well known glamping destination is Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island.  The resort is visited by celebrities on a regular basis.

About Farr Island

Farr-Island-Aerial-16-e1465388684464Farr Island is a beautiful historic and private five-acre island on Lake Temiskaming only a few kilometres from Haileybury’s marina. The island is one of only nine on Lake Temiskaming which is 110 km long. The island, owned by the Presidents’ Suites, is presently used as a day destination for their guests. What a treat to add a visit to the island during your holiday or visit to the Temiskaming region.

The feeling of being on an island is unique. As you walk around the island, the scenery and the waves will change. The West side, the side where our dock and the beach is, is the closest to the main land and is also protected from the Northerly winds. Water is therefore very quiet and peaceful. If you go to the South side, you will see the lake narrowing down and it often reminds people of the Saguenay Fjords. The east side is open to the north-east winds. Most of the time, waves will be several feet high. Great place to sit to watch the sunrise. Haileybury on the north side is the only town visible from the island.

What you will find on the island

  • A reception area for 40 people with a large platform, a 20×30 party tent, kitchen facilities, tables and chairs
  • A small beach
  • Trails around the island
  • Resting areas at different locations around the island
  • An outhouse
  • A dock
  • Exterior games

To learn more about the island, visit our page on Farr Island.



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