Hiking the Temiskaming region

Hiking the Temiskaming region

You are looking for the best place for hiking the Temiskaming region?  You need to connect with the Nastawgan Trails group.

Most Popular Trails for Hiking the Temiskaming Region

A few trails are very popular.  These are usually shorter, easier and more accessible for the entire family.

Devil’s Rock – see our two write-ups on the subject here (1) and  here (2).

Pete’s Dam Park – see our own write-up here.

Stato Trail & walking routes  – see our own write-up here.

Other popular trails are Triangle Hill and the Hermit Lake trail.

About Nastawgan Trails

Nastawgan Trails, is a” not-for-profit” community based organization to plan, establish, maintain and promote a four season non-motorized trail network which, in combination with 2400 km. of interconnected canoe routes, makes the Temiskaming area a world class recreational tourism destination.

Nastawgan Trails has also become a focal point for local trail users through the organizing of hikes and get-togethers which has created a social climate, that encourages the sharing of information and ideas.

You can learn more by visiting Nastawgan Trails web site or Facebook page.

Hiking the Temiskaming Region – Trail Listing

The listing of trails from the Nastawgan Trails web site is very useful.  You will find a description of the trail, trail photos, a link to a Google map and a GPX file for 20 different trails.

Nastawgan Trails Series of Videos – Hiking Temiskaming

We encourage you to look at this series of videos produced by the Nastawgan Trails group.  You will see that year around hiking is possible in the Temiskaming region.


You can also learn about the Temiskaming experiences offered by locals.  
See a listing here of what is available in Temiskaming Shores. 

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